About Us

After being in this business for over 10 years we decided to take our small shop online and offer our products to the world. We have a vision to put a smile on everyone's face with our unique wall decals and wall murals. It is our mission to surround your interior with love, inspiring wall decor and cherished memories with your own custom photos. My wife and I, we love to live a simple life and what we enjoy best is helping people that are in need. We believe that it is better to give than to receive! Our business definitely has a purpose and that purpose beside making our world a better place is to also send our love through our products and services. From our shop to your home and businesses, every package is packed with YOUR wall decals and OUR love
~ Psalm 36:5

We appreciate every customer and would like to give you guys a shout and say THANK YOU! Without you our site would not exist.

We love to create jobs for people. We love all of our employees and we treat them as our own brothers and sisters. We create a fun and chill atmosphere for them, they often listen to music while creating your designs. My wife loves to cook so they are often fed by her delicious recipes! We believe in serving our servers.

Let's face it, Michelangelo. Painting sucks. Most of us are barely blessed with the ability to finger paint, let alone rock something as decadent as the Sistine Chapel. Who's got the time, money, or energy these days to mix paint, man drop cloths, and stencil it out? Not you. You've got better things to do. Welcome to Prime Decals, where you can make that wall look Renaissance with the ease of that kindergarten project.

You know that room you always hope your guests don’t enter? You know, the one you cram all your stuff into just before the in-laws come over? Take if from storage room to Zen masterpiece with some of our Wall Decal Murals. Take spring-cleaning from chore to cherished memory with one of our branches. With available colors and customizations from our amazing graphic designers, the possibilities are endless with Prime Decals.

Prime Decals is a vinyl wall decal and design company that specializes in the interior design needs of a variety of clientele with ranging from taste, age, gender, style, and occupation. From sports to the spiritual, from flowers to custom fonts, Prime Decals is your one stop shop for all of your design needs.

All of our high-quality wall decals are made from 100% interior safe, removable vinyl, available in multiple sizes, that appear as though painted right on your walls or surfaces! Perfect for permanent or temporary decorating! The only thing temporary about painting is the check cut before firing that contractor. Prime Decals eliminates that hassle, making quality products that take the "pain" out of "paint."