Headphone Shirt Graphic Designs
Headphone Shirt Graphic Designs

Headphone Shirt Graphic Designs

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Headphone Shirt Graphic Designs from Prime Decals. Unique t-shirts for anyone! This makes a great gift for music lovers. Did you know eIn 1910, the first working headphones were created by Nathaniel Baldwin, a professor, among other things, but he didn't patent his invention?

Product Details (Cotton)
Looking for a cool tee for yourself, friend, or loved one? Prime Decals t-shirts can help you personalize any awesome design! Choose from a variety of colors, sizes, clever and funny sayings or artwork. Can't find what you need? Contact Us and let us know what special designs we can create for you! Whether you need personalized shirts for your business logo, sports team, child's birthday, or onesies for infants, Prime Decals has it all, the perfect gift for any occasion.

BEFORE placing your order, please view the last product images to determine the exact measurements, colors, and styles of our bibs, onesies and tees. Most personalized items are final sale due to customization.

Please note the Green Tee is only available for youth and adults.
Toddler Blue Tee (shade) is different than Youth and Adult Blue Tee (shade).

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